February 2016 News

'Harmony' Sweden

This was shot in Sweden to illustrate a connection between nature and technology. The landscape of rock, ferns and birch tees is common in this part of the world. I shot this at dusk, and so the added light became the hero of the picture. I didn't want to look at this as something to be created using multiple frames, so I approached this as a 'in camera' shot. Getting the turns and the starbursts and the angle absolutely right was time consuming, but I think worth it. I must pay credit to my assistant for running around on this rocky terrain, in near darkness, with a torch, more times than he probably wanted to.

El Castillo, Chichen Itza, Mexico

El Castillo, Chichen Itza, Mexico.

Built by the pre-Columbian Mayan civilisation somewhere between the 9th and 12th century, El Castillo stands in the late sun. For a small fee, we were able to stay after the crowds had gone to photograph the temple.

Mr Parr, J&FJ; Baker & Co,

Mr Parr, J&FJ Baker & Co.

 This company, based in Devon, is the only oak bark tannery in the world. It has been on this site since Roman times. Mr Parr has been there since the 70's.